Andre Orcutt

I am inspired by a wide range of musical styles and influences. I enjoy everything from death metal to opera music. My approach depends on where my head is that day and time.


When and where were you born?
Dallas, TX

Where do you currently live and work?
I live in Denver, CO, with my beautiful girlfriend and our 6 month old baby boy. I produce music in my personal studio there and perform monthly in theLounge at Beta Nightclub in Denver, Colorado. I am part of a passionate collective of DJ’s and music enthusiasts called P.U.N.C.H.I.S., which has hosted Friday nights at Beta Nightclub for 5 years running. Beta is consistently rated one of the worlds best nightclubs and was voted #1 club in the USA by Rolling Stone in 2013. Along with our weekly residency at Beta, P.U.N.C.H.I.S. produced two record labels in 2014. You can find our releases exclusively on Beatport and make sure to tune in to our monthly P.U.N.C.H.I.S. Sessions radio show on hosted by Sergei Loginov every third Thursday of the month.

How long have you been practicing your craft?
I have been DJ’ing for about 8 years and producing off and on for about the same time. I have recently been dedicating more and more time to producing music, namely deep tech, techno and ambient/downtempo under my own name and as well as collaborating with other like minded artists. Also, I have a side project named “2Shade”, which is an ambient/downtempo music experiment with my good friend Ilya Kushnir.

What inspires you?
Music. Skateboarding. Family. Friends…and good beer. 

How would you describe your style
I am inspired by a wide range of musical styles and influences. I enjoy everything from death metal to opera music, etc. My approach depends on where my head is that day and time.

What has been a defining moment in your career?
My first main floor gig at Beta Nightclub in 2010, warming the floor for Martin Roth. 

What are your future plans?
At the moment I am heavily focused on production, and trying to be No. 1 dad! Also, the P.U.N.C.H.I.S. team and I are constantly growing. I am very proud of my team mates and resident DJ’s/producers Sergei Loginov, Diego Santana, and Jason Timothy, as well as our founders Ozuky and Ben Pitcher. We currently have 16 releases out under our 2 labels and the future is looking bright!

Can you leave us with some parting words or advice?
For aspiring dj’s/producers: It’s good to focus on a specific sound/genre to define yourself and your direction. It’s even better to be producing said music. But it’s also good to focus on what makes you unique and not be afraid to experiment in other musical realms as well. Don’t put yourself in a box!

Where can people learn more about you and purchase your work?
My official website is You can find more information there about me, my music, our label P.U.N.C.H.I.S. Records, Beta Nightclub, and upcoming events. Thank you for listening!

All music copyright Andre Orcutt. All rights reserved. 


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