South of Roosevelt

“Our style of music has roots in funk, jazz, swing and disco. We do house music and we approach it very naturally. We do not try and force anything when it comes to our production or live DJ sets.”


When and where were you born?
JP – 1981, Illinois
Kris – 1979, Indiana

Where do you currently live and work?
Studio 11, Chicago, IL

How long have you been practicing your craft?
Since the late 90s, yo!

What inspires you?
Everything really. Every day life. The city. All music. I guess you could say we draw our inspiration from a mixture of emotion, our past experience in music and the current state of music – as well as, maybe, that trip on the bus or that day in the park. Who knows where that spark will come from. Also, traveling and the thrill of seeing a new place, meeting new people and then taking that experience and maybe making a new tune or mix with that energy.

How would you describe your style
Our style of music has roots in funk, jazz, swing & disco, We do house music and we approach it very naturally. We do not try and force anything when it comes to our production or DJ sets. We’ll have a starting point – maybe a kick drum for production or a new track to start off a set – and just let it build from there. We think it’s more fun that way versus trying to plan everything out.

Since there are 2 of us that make up South of Roosevelt we have pretty much merged our styles together and that combination has ultimately formed our sound and we hope that sound is what sets us apart and makes us unique. We also do not stick to one style of house music preferring to produce tracks with different moods, tempos and types of sounds. You have to keep it fresh and switch it up or else we feel things get stale.

What has been a defining moment in your career?
From the DJ side of South of Roosevelt it would probably be the opportunity to play at the Choosen Few Family Picnic in 2012. It is a highly respected event by many with over 40,000 people in attendance. We played a set of mainly our own tunes and the response was incredible. One of the best gigs to date for sure.

From the production side it would probably be the day we signed our first release and once we got that train moving we haven’t stopped! That led to a couple releases on labels like Guesthouse and Flapjack that not only ended up on vinyl (which is getting rarer these days) but also garnered respect from some highly respected DJs by not only us, but many people around the world.

What are your future plans?
To keep the train chugging along… keep making music and seeking fun gigs. We are also nearing the official launch of Elevated Tracks – a digital (for now) dance music label that will be a home for not only our own musical works, but also for like minded individuals who would like to share their music with the world. We are stoked to get this going and we are looking forward to releasing all the music our artists have been working so hard on for the last few months.

Can you leave us with some parting words or advice?
Be yourself. Have fun. Ask questions. Don’t give up.

Where can people learn more about you and purchase your work?

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