Yarza Twins

“Do not make excuses…There is always time to fulfill your passion.”

When and where were you born?
Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain

Where do you currently live and work?
We (Eva & Marta Yarza) are currently based in London.

How long have you been practicing your craft?
We are multidisciplinary artists that have been collaborating all of our lives. We have created professional graphic design works together now for 4 years.

What inspires you?
We get inspiration from society of the 21st century. It seems that our brains work in a very different way than our previous generations’. We are a much less communicative bunch of people that now  just thinks about ourselves. Our society seems moved by solitude. However, as we receive so many forms of stimulus, this solitude is seldom used for self-knowledge and it transforms into anxiety. 

Another great area of inspiration for us is beauty. Now everything seems to require its own “beauty”, and it has to be accepted in order to survive. Something so arguable as beauty seems to currently occupy society’s favor. We have gone from not accepting botox (as a way of hiding age), to directly hiding old people (re: youth oriented imagery). We think beauty can be found outside perfection and we are inspired by that.

How would you describe your style
We consciously do not work within one style. We let our creativity and “style” grow-up and mature as we do. There are periods when we feel very satisfied with our work, and other times where we are unhappy. We try to represent that through our pieces. Any new project can be informed from the previous ones, but possibly in ways that maybe the eye can’t see so obviously. There are no rules for “good design”, but we feel confident that we can discern what is bad work. Lately, we feel that plagiarism is becoming a much to common way to create works. It seems that as long as a designer can hide it (the original source material) properly, they will continue to do so. In our opinion, that is still a bad way to design…made by bad designers.

What has been a defining moment in your career?
When we were 6, all of our teachers (and our classmates) admired our work. When our 4th grade teacher said goodbye to us, she kept all our drawings. She told our mother that she thought one day they would be valuable. We have been working on projects together ever since we can both remember.

What are your future plans?
We want to keep doing art.

Can you leave us with some parting words or advice?
Do not make excuses. We have both done all our design work while keeping full-time jobs (in design studios, cafes, retail stores, etc). We believe there is always time to fulfill your passion. 

Where can people learn more about you and purchase your work?

All images copyright Eva & Marta Yarza/Yarza Twins. All rights reserved.